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March 2011

Snailmail feature is now live! You can now send anonymous letters in the mail. On top of that major updates to the backend system have been put in place to create a more secure enviroment for all to enjoy (the site is much faster also). Keep sending those anonymous emails! Let us know what you want us to work on next! Give us feedback.

September 2010

Embedable anonymous feedback messages are now online! You can put the power of on your website. Just click on the add to your site link at the top of the page and follow the instructions! Or click here!

Nov 2 2006

That's right! The last few months the site has been kind of a test bed to see if this was a site people wanted to use and other options we should add.

First off the look of the site has changed a bit and been cleaned up. There is also a new QUICK SEND feature off the front page by-passing all the options. The error where "rnrn" would show up on some messages has been fixed too.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

For Example...

Tell your crush that you think they are something special.

Explain to your teacher that they give too much homework.

Give your friend a clue about the perfume they wear.

Tell someone they talk too loud.

Explain that mullets are no longer in style.

Inform your friend their 1984 Camaro is not as cool as they think.

Tell the cable company how you really fee

Let your neighbor know you can hear their music at 3am

Inform a retail store they need better customer service

Tell your classmate that you have a crush on them.

Inform your professor that they grade to hard.

Let your crush know how awesome you think they are.

Tell your friend who dented their car.

Give the honest feedback you really want to give.

Give a suggestion that will change the world.

Tell someone their husband is cheating on them.

Who can I send this to?
Will they know who I am?
Can I send any message?
Can they respond?

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