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What exactly is this site?
This site allows you to send an anonymous message to anyone you want without them knowing who you are.

Can I send any message?
Almost. As long as you aren't doing anything 'evil'. No messages can be sent that contain hateful information. Before sending a message you will need to agree to our terms of service.

Can I put something like this on my own site?
Yes you can! Simply visit the how to add us page.

Can my school/class/company/etc use this service?
Absolutely. People at universities use this service to give feedback to professors and companies use it to give feedback to their supervisors.

Who can I send feedback to?
You can send feedback to anyone with an email address. Be it your best friend, your mom, or the President of the United States.

Will they know who I am?
The only way they would know is if you tell them. Anonymousfeedback will keep your identity safe.

What if I received an inappropriate message?
Every user must agree to our terms of service, which includes not sending any inappropriate messages. If you have receieved one, please contact us and let us know the situation. We try to do our best to make sure messages of hate are not sent.

Is the person able to respond?
You have the option to let the person respond. Your conversation will be saved, and you can access it at anytime. To use this option you will need to enter your email address, so you can be informed you of the reply. When sending an anonymous message click the 'Send More Options' button to add your email. Your email address will NEVER be given to the receiver of your feedback. Anonymousfeedback will keep your email address secure, but if you are concerned, you might want to set up a free hotmail or gmail account.

What if I lost the email that takes me to my conversation?
You can go here and an email will be sent to you with a link to your conversations.

For Example...

Let your boss know they are not the God they think they are.

Tell your crush that you think they are something special.

Give your friend a clue about the perfume they wear.

Tell someone they talk too loud.

Explain that mullets are no longer in style.

Inform your friend their 1984 Camaro is not as cool as they think.

Let your neighbor know you can hear their music at 3am

Inform a retail store they need better customer service

Tell your classmate that you have a crush on them.

Let your neighbor know that you know their secret.

Let your crush know how awesome you think they are.

Become a secret admirer.

Tell your aunt that her potato salad needs a bit more salt.

Give the honest feedback you really want to give.

Give a suggestion that will change the world.

Tell someone their husband is cheating on them.

Who can I send this to?
Will they know who I am?
Can I send any message?
Can they respond?

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Leave the anonymous feedback you want to!
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