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For Example...

Tell your crush that you think they are something special.

Explain to your teacher that they give too much homework.

Tell a person you liked what they wore today.

Explain that mullets are no longer in style.

Inform your friend their 1984 Camaro is not as cool as they think.

Tell the cable company how you really fee

Let your neighbor know you can hear their music at 3am

Inform your friend that his girlfriend is sleeping with his brother

Inform a retail store they need better customer service

Tell your classmate that you have a crush on them.

Inform your professor that they grade to hard.

Let your neighbor know that you know their secret.

Let your crush know how awesome you think they are.

Become a secret admirer.

Tell your aunt that her potato salad needs a bit more salt.

Do not let that bully push you around anymore.

Tell your friend who dented their car.

Re-kindle a lost love.

Give the honest feedback you really want to give.

Give a suggestion that will change the world.

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